Life (Or Something Like It)

…And in an instant, the world feels like complete crap.
   Is the world really this screwed up or am I just going insane?
   ………Don’t answer that.
But honestly.. I’m listening to the most ironic song ever right now: “Smile Like You Mean It”, by The Killers. I feel like it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to smile, and mean it, then it used to be. At work today, I was at the evil box known as the service center (oh yes, by the way, I’m a cashier at a grocery store…. wee). As I stood there, I watched the people coming and going, shopping, talking, laughing, co-workers doing their random jobs.. and I felt completely disconnected from it all. Though everything moved quickly around me, time and space seemed to stop.
  Sometimes I wish I could just erase my memories, especially of that horrid place I spent 4 months at last fall. (More on that another time) And as if this day couldn’t be ANY more obnoxious, I quietly tap over to his MySpace site. A horrible rant of a blog, full of swearing and anger, flowed in front of my eyes. Could this really be him? Was this who he was the whole time? Or did I really break him that bad? Those kinds of questions are being put on the backburner for the time being. After my Texas trip in May, they will unfortunately have to be addressed…

SO! On to the current events:
– I gots my hair did.
100_0070.jpg No more dark roots! YES. Okay, so I was psyched about that…..

– The official Camille Countdown is at 17 days.
100_3585.jpg Camille, my darling best friend, is LEAVING ME in 17 days to take a job offer for the summer at Cedar Point, the rollercoaster park in Sandusky, OHIO…….. 3 HOURS AWAY!!  How am I going to be able to deal with this?? She won’t exactly be leaving in 17 days.. but she’s leaving while I’m away in TX visiting Jasmine (my other best friend who lefffffft meeeeee). There will not be a shortage of insanity in the next 17 days.

– I’ve come to the bizarre decision that I want to continue my education at University of Michigan in fall 2008.
college.gif I’m a little wary, obviously, because of certain circumstances I endured last fall at a certain unnamed institute. I’m a LOT wary considering I’m pretty sure my laziness has come back to bite me in the ass, and I don’t know if I even qualify anymore for U of M. I love the town of Ann Arbor. It’s amazing. The culture, the aura… ahh definitely the place I’d like to live. So, with the few weeks of this semester I have left, I plan on getting my crap together and chugging hard to the very end. Except in math of course. That, my friends, is no longer salvageable…

-Last but not least, my itnerary for my Texas trip is complete!
       Departs: Wed, May 9th @ 6:30AM (OMFG) from Detroit Metro
       Layover In: Denver Intl. for 3 hours.
      Arrives At: Bergstrom Intl. in Austin @ 1:40PM
The return trip is just the reverse, only on Sun, May 13th. I’m pretty damn excited.. I haven’t been on a plane since 3rd grade! My parents’ idea of a vacation was driving up state.. But the only thing that’s got me thinking is the airlines: I’m taking Frontier. In case you aren’t familiar with them, they aren’t exactly the best in airline safety, and like most cheap airlines, have had lots of plane problems in the past. Please, everyone pray..


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The Opening Act

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my introductory blog to what will now be known as my life.
As I sit here in my dirty work uniform, pondering the weird odor coming from my kitchen, I wonder where I can even begin. How do you just jump into the middle of someone’s life without really knowing anything about them? Well, first and foremost, check out my Who IS this Girl? section to get a little background on yours truly.
    Of course, there are many people in my life that I’ll be frequently talking about in my blogs, so I thought I’d introduce the cast of characters as follows:

 Me, Amanda
I look all cool in red. 

My Best Friend, Jasmine
100_0961-again.jpg She’s Asian! She left me last December to get married to a dude in the army and now lives in Austin, TX.

My Other BFF, Camille
camille.jpg She’s Mexican! And 99% oblivious.

 100_0036.jpg He’s Columbian! Boy, do I love minorities…

000_0070.jpg Obviously the one on the right.. with yours truly keepin it real on the left.

The love of Joe’s life, and one of my newest and coolest friends.

My cat. She is Satan and she will eat your soul.

My little bro. You mess with him, and I swear I will make your life a living hell.     ^_^

Mom & Bob
100_0495.jpg 100_0533-again.jpg 
My mom and stepdad. 2 of the funniest people I know.. especially when its unintentional.

Marguerite & Missy
My stepgrandma and stepaunt…. oh the family times..

That’s about it when it comes to the main people in my life. Obviously there are tons more people I interact with on a daily basis, but these are the most frequent players on the stage. These are the movers and shakers of society.. or…… something.
  .. Well, that’s all I have for you tonight. Tune in next time for an up-to-date on what exactly IS happening in my life right now. And believe me, you won’t wanna miss this insanity.

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